October 7 – Pumpkin Ale

De Vinos Pumpkin Ale selection

De Vinos Pumpkin Ale selection

Oh hello cold rainy weather! We spent most of the day indoors, (ahem, catching up on V life) getting some work done, watching Downton Abbey, doing laundry, and relaxing.  Rain, rain, go away! I don’t mind rainy days but it’s 50 degrees out! I wore my Scotland rugby shirt today – thinking of Europe and plotting how I can go back!

While watching the Patriots game we tried some Pumpkin Ale – I really like Gruntled Pumpkin Ale. Makes me feel like I’m drinking fall.

4 day work week here I come!



October 5 – I got all the Proof I need

Monument Night Tour

So, this blurry shot of the Washington Monument is the best I could do without a tripod – the Madison models just are too shaky. Today was awesome, so I’m going to list the top ten best parts of the day:

1. Playing tennis as the sun came up. It was chilly, and I grumbled when my alarm went off, but it was totally worth it.

2. It’s Friday.

3. Kona Coffee after tennis.

4. The morning energy I had after getting fresh air and moving my muscles in the am.

5. Mailing out gift cards to Shake Month winners – making some Johnny Rockets fans very happy.

6. Talking to Baby G and hearing her plans for the weekend (involves Luna and baking).

7. Meeting Emily for drinks at Poste, and sipping our white wine outside in the sun.

8. Dinner at Proof with Madison –  where we had our first real (and fancy) date almost four years ago.

9. A walk on the Mall after dinner with Mdog. A gorgeous night, several monuments, and an almost finished Reflection Pool.

10. Downton Abbey on Netflix and a cozy blanket on the couch before heading to bed.

I got all the proof I need – I am a very happy girl.


February 21 – Princess V

My lovely apartment


Madison and I decided (during the last major cleaning) that we would treat ourselves to a house cleaning service the next time Living Social ran a deal.  Well, a few days later they ran a deal, we bought it, and a few days after that they came! I decided to take a photo and share my apartment with those of you who have not visited yet (tsk tsk) since it looked so beautiful and bright.

I called today’s post Princess V because that’s how I felt, especially after watching the entire first season of Downton Abbey on Sunday. I didn’t really enjoy having these nice ladies cleaning up after me, and was stressed the entire time.  I think this was a one time experience for the V life, and a big thank you to the ladies who made my apartment shine today!