December 5 – Cake Balls

My new obsession: cake balls


I am VERY late to jump on the cake ball trend, even for East Coast time. The West Coast starts all the new sweet crazes: Krispy Kreme, Pink Berry, cupcakes, cake balls… you name it, and eventually they make it out east. I have seen them around in shops, but thought that since I’m not a big fan of cupcakes, I wasn’t missing anything. WRONG! Thank you to Kristin for showing me just what I was missing out on! Red velvet is my favorite but I am willing to try any and all other flavors to make sure this holds true!

To my friends on the West Coast (namely, the CA Devines) please notify me when you spot new sweet trends so I am not years behind again!

Two coffees and two cake balls = a very hyper and enthusiastic V!