April 21 – Saturday Sun

Wonderful Saturday Morning

Everyone kept saying this weekend’s weather is going to be nasty.  Well, we were in for a treat this morning with absolutely perfect weather. It is mornings like today, that I wish I had a bakyard/porch. The circle will just have to do! I made myself an iced coffee, bought an orange cranberry muffin and enjoyed my breakfast outside, sitting on a sunny bench in Dupont. Emily met up with me and we went for a walk through Georgetown, Montrose Park and Dumbarton Oaks Park – just under three miles of shady strolling.

Auntie Kelly runs her Ragnar race this weekend – good luck!! I’m sure you’re going to do great! Here’s a shot of her and her team (sorry you can only see it if you are FB friends with her!). I am very impressed by all my runner friends and family members… I prefer to walk, but power to you!


April 17 – Key Lime Kisses

You're looking at Key Lime Cheesecake Balls

This morning, while I was working, Mom and Gabriella drove over to Old Town, Alexandria for some shopping.  Not only did the Discovery Shuttle fly DIRECTLY over them, but they found the most adorable shops – including the one where they bought these delicious treats! Occasionally Cake just opened its location in Old Town a few days ago, and now that I know about these cheesecake balls, I will be paying them a visit.  Look at how green the inside of the balls are! I love the color.

We walked around M street in Georgetown a little before my class started and had an early dinner at Serendipity. They have a very large and very chocolaty frozen hot chocolate.  We decided to do dessert before dinner (always a great move) and filled up a little too much. Oh well!

It is so nice having visitors! Love exploring and treating ourselves to, well, treats!


PS Thanks for the anchor bracelet Mom (and Dad)! It is so pretty, and appropriate. =)


April 3 – Free Cone Day!!

So sweet


Spotted this little flowering tree my on my way to Georgetown with Allison after work!  It was Ben and Jerry’s free cone day, and walking for free ice cream is something we made into a tradition while roommates at GW. Ahh, memories.

Guess which flavor I chose. =)



Book Hill Park in Georgetown

THOUGHT YOU COULD GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY, HUH? Nah, the V Life is going to make it the whole year because I’m not a quitter. =)

This view makes Rosslyn actually look pretty. Interesting.  Well, we’re off to another busy week – I wasn’t April Foolsing you about my new company.  It’s real. I’m working on a website, so stay tuned and please follow us on Pinterest and Twitter.  I say “us” because when you incorporate, you should start portraying yourself as a business and not a person.  It feels weird referring to yourself in the plural… no one else is in my office except for the cats, and they sleep all day.

I am super excited to have my own firm though, age 24 and already running things! I like it!