August 18 – Reflecting Pool Reflections

The construction is almost complete!

After I graduated, renovations on the Reflection Pool began – much needed renovation.  When you walked along it before, all you could think about was the awful smell coming from the stagnant water.  I walked along the Mall today since it was so nice out, and I was surprised to see how far along they were – it looks like it’s almost done! There’s an article by the Post if you want to learn more.  The project cost about 34 million!

GW also has a bunch of construction going on, it’s so weird walking around campus and seeing all the changes. A new Science and Engineering Building is  the biggest project they’re working on, which sounds like GW is positioning themselves as more tech-focused.  Very interesting… but if that’s true, I think it’s a strong move!

One more thing – why do fountains attract crazy people? I swear Dupont Circle attracts all the crazies…


July 18 – GW at the Nationals

“GW at the Nationals” 

As a GW alumna, I was invited to a Nationals game with a reception beforehand for some networking with other GW alumni.  We almost didn’t go because there was the most intense storm since the one that knocked out power for a lot of DC before the game, but just before the pre-event, the skies cleared and it was safe to walk to the metro.  When we arrived in SE, we noticed it didn’t even rain there! So crazy that this super intense storm only hit part of DC. This reminds me – the same night I saw a photo on Instagram of a storm over Manhattan – you HAVE to check it out.

Anyways – we had a great night – the storm cooled it down a bit from the 100 degree weather we had earlier in the day, and we were able to reconnect with some GW faces which is always good.   I just love summer nights at the stadium. Le sigh.


PS  -Another great outcome of the night was I started following Teddy on Twitter.

May 12 – Sun Ring

Halo around the sun

What a GORGEOUS day in our nation’s capital! After sleeping in to 11am (gasp!) I woke up to find breakfast waiting for me  – such a nice weekend treat. Madison and I walked down to GWU, stopped at Devon and Blakely for sandwiches and picnicked behind the Lincoln Memorial, reading for a bit, snoozing, and soaking up some sun. (Must. Not. Lose. Hawaii. Tan.)

At one point, there was a huge motorcade coming at us over the Memorial Bridge. We were surprised to see that they were escorting several hundred bikers!  Two other exciting things happened:

1. We saw a UFO. We were too lazy to investigate what it was after it landed, but in not knowing what this weird falling object was, it, at least for us, remains an unidentified flying object! Cross that off the bucket list!

2. Madison realized there was a circle around the sun (see above photo). Before I get too excited, is this an omen? The sky between the sun and the ring was darker than the sky outside of the circle.  When I searched sun rings, Google told me this.

On our way home we stopped at Whole Foods Foggy Bottom and bought more Humboldt cheese for a wine and cheese movie night before meeting some friends out tonight. All in all, a great Saturday!

-V is OUT.

April 3 – Free Cone Day!!

So sweet


Spotted this little flowering tree my on my way to Georgetown with Allison after work!  It was Ben and Jerry’s free cone day, and walking for free ice cream is something we made into a tradition while roommates at GW. Ahh, memories.

Guess which flavor I chose. =)