April 25 – Aloha

View from our table at dinner


This island is amazing! We’re in Kona, and loving the coffee, beaches, sights, and relaxation! We rented a Jeep and drove around the island for the day, touring Hula Daddy Kona Coffee Plantation, the residential areas, and a couple resorts.  We found this cute little area with a bunch of tourist shops and restaurants and stopped for dinner. We ended up at Huggo’s, with a table RIGHT over the water to watch the sunset. It was a perfect first night in Hawaii.

-V on vacation

April 20 – TGIF

Tourists stop to learn about the fountain


Just LOVING this beautiful weather! I took an hour today to read outside in the circle. Lovely time, minus the crazy/drunk/imguessinghomeless man who ran into the circle with no shirt on screaming “DONT TAKE A PICTURE OF MY FACE! GO TO THE VIETNAM MEMORIAL AND LEARN YOUR PLACE!” Okkk…

My apartment smells wonderful with the fresh air coming in through the open windows. Madison is in NY this weekend, so I have the apt to myself – planning to get some work done before Hawaii! Lauren and I went to dinner at L’enfant and had a great time catching up and indulging in some crepes! =) She is running a 10K on Sunday! Good Luck L-Dart! Run like the wind…


February 11 – Love

Cirque du Soleil


We were given another beautiful Nevada day, and spent the majority of our afternoon shopping and relaxing by the pool at the Venetian.  I decided to try the slots just to say I’ve done it and won $64! Yay! That money went straight to a new bathing suit for Hawaii!

Madison and I went to the Cirque du Soleil’s Love show at the Mirage.  We left with the same question: “Huh?” There were some impressive acrobatics and acts, but the plot was completely over our heads. Although it was nice humming along to some favorite Beatles tunes, it was way too abstract for two exhausted people.