February 12 – So happy to head back to DC

Walking along the strip


After almost six full days in Vegas, all I want to do is be back in DC! I would like to not have to walk through smokey casinos every time I want to go outside. Vegas, it’s been fun, but I need some sleep!


February 10 – Paris, aux États- Unis

Sacre Bleu! IS that the Arc de Triomphe?

This morning, we woke up and decided to head over to Paris – you know- the fake one in Nevada.  There is a buffet breakfast called Le Village, and wanted to take it easy so we settled in and ate.  Honestly, the food was pretty mediocre, but I still loved thinking of Paris. =) We ate crepes and croissants and oatmeal and had to rest before attempting to stand up.  The weather here is absolutely perfect, sunny and in the 70s.  We walked the whole strip after breakfast to see the various theme hotels.  If I ever come back (which I’m hoping I don’t have to often) I think I’d like to stay in the Paris.  Are you surprised?  Although I would MUCH rather be in the REAL Paris, there was great french food in the hotel, which is right up my alley.

We switched hotels today.  Madison’s coworker bought a LivingSocial Escapes deal and wasn’t able to use it so he gave it to us! So nice! We are at the Palm now, and I’m excited to try out another hotel. I took a nap this afternoon and woke up feeling a little under the weather and they brought me a pitcher of OJ on the house! Such great customer service!

Tonight, we are going out to eat with Rachel’s roommate, Katie, and her boyfriend.  So random that we are here the same weekend! We haven’t decided where to eat but I think it’s narrowed down to someplace in the Cosmopolitan – I need to see those elevators Auntie Kelly talked about!



February 9 – Elton

Sir Elton John himself

Yesterday was the last day of my conference, and when Madison met up with me afterwards, he was all smiles and said he had a surprise for me. Oh boy, yes he did! Elton John is performing in Vegas just for the week, and we got to see him.  Listening to his songs live is amazing! We had such a fun time singing along and dancing. My three favorites (couldn’t narrow it down any further) were Bennie and the Jets, Your Song (Ewan McGreggor sang it in Moulin Rouge) and Circle of Life.  I was not expecting that one, but as the Lion King was a favorite of mine growing up (don’t forget I named my two female kitties Simba and Nala) I was so thrilled he played it as his encore.

After the show, we dined at Mesa Grill, Bobby Flay’s Southwestern restaurant at Caesar’s Palace.  Dad stood in line for 4 hours to get his signature on Mesa’s recipe book for me for Christmas so I was very excited to try it.  We were exhausted (we ate dinner beginning at 10 pm) so I probably didn’t enjoy it as much as I normally would have, but the margaritas were good, my chorizo meatballs were delicious, and Madison’s  New Mexican Spice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin looked perfect (I was too full to try it). I am definitely cooking from that book all the time once I get back into my cooking groove again!


February 8 – SMSS Conference

Home for the next few days


Check out the new diggs at the Mirage! The conference today (SMSS) was exhausting, but there are some awesome people here.  The best break-out session I attended was a presentation by Peter Shankman – great stuff! I will post some social media tips tomorrow if I’m not socialed out! On our breaks I got some fresh air, enjoying the 70 degree weather! Ooo lala!