August 29 – Princess Luna and the Frog Prince


Okay so honestly, nothing much happened today (except a really great work meeting, shhh! Fingers crossed!) so I’m going to tell you a story instead.

Once upon a time, there lived a family in Rhode Island with four girls with long brown hair. One by one, they all left home – one to the capitol of their country to communicate politically, one to a place called the ATL to help show Yankee generosity after the Great War of Northern Aggression, one to lead the girls of Alpha Phi to greatness and froyo, and the youngest, to follow her sisters and see what all the fuss was about. They all came back to visit from time to time, and they all enjoyed visiting each other in these far-away lands. Their good parents, though, were used to a busy house and missed them. Before their youngest left their coop, they welcomed a new family member, Luna.

Luna was not like her sisters and had long golden locks, and although she howled and barked to appear fearless, she was not, in fact, brave like her sisters, and refused to even romp around her yard without her mom and dad by her side for protection. The whole family adored Luna, pampering her when they were home, massaging her, sneaking her treats, each vying for Luna’s love in return. Luna loved the attention, and before long the family began referring to her as Princess Luna.

This story takes place in the dog days of summer, when the family spent most of their days enjoying the pool. Luna lived for swimming, and would spend hours each day chasing balls, swimming laps, and trying to swallow all the splashes! I should explain that while Luna did truly love her family, she was envious of them—although she’d never admit it— and longed for a different type of companionship.

One day, as her sweet mother unlocked the pool gate for her, Luna burst into the pool area, eager for a reprieve from the heat. As she dipped into the cool water she was alarmed to see a frog swimming in her pool! She was curious – she never allowed birds near her pool, and she ate those pesky bugs that infiltrated her water, but this was something new. Could this be her frog prince?!?

She looked back at her mother who was also bending down to get a look at the frog, “He’s all yours, Luna” she said. With the encouragement, Luna jumped in and swam to the frog. He was afraid at first and made her chase him around the pool.  Eventually she corned him in the shallow end and they met nose to nose. “Are you a prince?” she breathed. “Duh,” was his reply. “Will you be my frog prince?” asked Luna. With a twist and a dive, the frog prince agreed and the two swam around happily for hours, her chasing him and swimming in countless circles around him.  Eventually, Luna’s mom had to scoop the frog from the pool to keep her from drowning, as she refused to get out of the pool but was tiring and needed a nap.

The next day, Luna searched around the pool, checking the bottom for any sign of him, and sniffed around the water, but there was no sign of the frog prince. She was depressed and her heart ached for her best friend in the whole world! That night she couldn’t sleep. What did she do wrong? Did she swim in too many circles? Was her fur not combed nicely? Did she smell like a dog? When her mother tried to feed her the next day she refused to eat, moping around the house and whining. She begrudgingly followed her out to the pool that day, deciding she wouldn’t go in the water but, she might just have a look to see if perhaps…

Yes! The frog prince had returned! He had been busy with his kingdom-ly duties the day before and profusely apologized for causing her grief. Luna dove in the pool and for the rest of that summer, Princess Luna and her Frog Prince swam happily ever after.

The End.


For a photo album of their story, click here.

May 31 – CAUGHT

“How’d she find me!??”


Luna was not expecting a camera to drop down and take her picture while chewing on a rope toy.  I love her expression, string still hanging from her chops.  Today I was on a call in my bedroom and looked to my right and see Luna sniffing through my luggage and then running away, with a sock in her mouth. She is definitely still a puppy (one year old).  Saturday I’m taking her on a walk with Lori and her dog Moses who is 7 and very mellow.  I’m hoping he teaches her how to behave on walks…


May 24 – Welcome to Princess Luna’s Pen


Luna knows she is Queen of her pen, but she also thinks she is Queen of the house.  Right now, she has false hopes, but I do question next Fall, when mom and dad are empty nesters.  Based on the observations of my friends, their cats and dogs have been elevated to higher statuses since they moved out.  We shall see, my puppy girl!

I’m liking working from the Ocean State but this work week has been crazy! I have been sleeping soundly, especially with a night breeze and the crickets – no sirens and honking cabs.


May 23 – Revenge Season Finale

Awww Luna Bear!


She only looks this sweet because Gabriella was cutting veggies nearby. Luna will sit VERY patiently when there is food involved.  I have been taking her on daily walks and she is good up until the last home stretch and then she gets super hyper and ruins it. Jumping, slamming into my legs, eating plastic gloves (that can’t be good). Sigh. She is still a puppy.  Gabriella usually walks with me at night which is nice having company.

Angela and I waited up to see Revenge – the season finale. “Oh em gee”  -Nolan. I’m so addicted to this show (GUILTY pleasure!), and it was interesting to see how the season ended.  I have some predictions but I don’t want to have any spoiler alerts in the V Life. But, long live Victoria.