July 17 – Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday is not a “thing” yet but we should totally make it routine!


Look at all those fresh ingredients! Why would we ever want to kick out the illegals? Their food is awesome! Jk Jk

Who’s up for Taco Tuesday?  We can make different kinds of tacos each week! Actually, even better, who wants to just do Monday margarita night with me?  I think they’re $3 or $4 at El Centro…


June 6 – Caught in the Rain

Dark weather

Day 2 of BlogWorld – sun out during the day, storm at night.  Go figure! Lauren and I met up to catch a cab to dinner and what do you know, it starts down-pouring.  EVERY cab was taken! You would think two girls could catch a cab! Not so easy…

We met up with Nathan and went to Dos Caminos, a Mexican chain in NYC that has excellent margaritas and guacamole. We had a fun time chatting – Nathan just moved to NYC a month ago, so it was interesting to see how the transition went.  Nathan loves Dumbledore and Urbana and after chatting about them for a bit, it seemed appropriate to transition from Dos Caminos to a bar called Fat Black Pussy Cat.  We’re assuming it was some sort of brothel back in the day, but on the Wednesday night we were there, they just had karaoke. =)