July 1 – Devine/Allenson Lobster & Clam Boil

lobster broil

Lobstah not pictured

Wake up: 4 am. Hell no. Set alarm for 5 am. Wake up, brush teeth, get dressed. Pack car with luggage and kitties. Drive.

Arrive: 12pm, EG. Not bad for a drive up the East Coast!

Madison and I were greeted with family and a delicious lobster (sorry- lobstah) broil.  Madison is allergic and I don’t like shell fish (aren’t we a “catch”) but dad grilled him some sausage and corn on the cob.  I, was adventurous, and found out that I sort of like clams but prefer them in chowdah and also like mussels.  I shall explore this more in the future…

It’s great being home in New England!