March 24 – Rainy tour of the monuments with our NYC visitors!

Pink flowers growing on a tree trunk


Sarah and Pete came to visit and we took them on a walking tour of the city.  Luckily the rain held off while we walked down to the Mall – it was such a nasty day, they missed 80’s and sunny by 24 hours! By the time we made it to the Tidal Basin, the rain was coming down pretty hard.  We posed for pictures and then hopped in an Uber car to go home and get dry. Definitely a “came, saw, and conquered” moment.

Of course, our culinary tour started off with Zorba’s for lunch.  Dinner was at Lost Society, and drinks later at Bar Pilar and Black Jack. We had a good time exploring and also relaxing.  We cozied up on the couch and watched Limitless, a Bradley Cooper movie about this drug that turns on all your brain’s receptors so you can recall information and details you normally wouldn’t pick up on.  It was really interesting, thanks for the recommendation Pete!

Always great to catch up with old friends!


November 28 – Back in the District

The National Mall

Today’s picture is a great aerial view of my favorite [AMERICAN] city, and more importantly, today marked the LAST day I will be boarding a 6:10 AM flight to DCA from PVD.  I think my parents will appreciate this. My body hates getting up at 4:30 AM. It isn’t normal and I have spent the entire day feeling like I am getting sick and catching myself zoning out for undetermined amounts of time.

The sky this morning was a beautiful pink, and when I managed to keep my eyes open for parts of the flight, it was a great sight. However, I cannot lie. This picture was not taken today. If you were a real detective you would have realized:

a)     The view of the Mall should have been on the other side of the plane (and river) returning to DCA from the north.  It follows that the wing should have been on the right side of this picture.

b)      It wouldn’t have been this light out. (Remember I was traveling before all of you woke up.)

c)     I was sleeping and did not take any pictures.

I snapped this image on my way home last Wednesday, but decided the lumberjacks should have a day on the blog. Anyways, this photo represents my day so there you have it. I am back in the district until it’s home again for Christmas!


PS Did anyone have any success with Cyber Monday?  I think I spent a couple hours staring at before I realized the printer I wanted wasn’t even a good deal.