Happy 4th from the North Haven Ferry!

I hope everyone had a patriotic fourth! We explored Rockland and stopped for lunch at this famous little diner.  Enjoyed some good ol’ New England Chowder and Fish Sandwich before hopping on the ferry to North Haven, an island 12 miles off the coast of Maine where we stayed with Oliver, Madison’s friend from GWU.  Every year for the fourth Oliver invites friends up to celebrate Independence Day at his mom’s house, built by the Watsons.  Tom Watson, the second president of IBM, bought land on North Haven and built a main house, plus a home for each of his children so they could all vacation together.  It is absolutely beautiful, and there is so much of their family history there – it was so interesting learning more about their family.  Read more about Thomas here – it’ amazing just how much he did in his life.

A BIG thank you to Oliver for inviting me, I had a great time exploring the island and meeting some fun new people!


July 1 – Devine/Allenson Lobster & Clam Boil

lobster broil

Lobstah not pictured

Wake up: 4 am. Hell no. Set alarm for 5 am. Wake up, brush teeth, get dressed. Pack car with luggage and kitties. Drive.

Arrive: 12pm, EG. Not bad for a drive up the East Coast!

Madison and I were greeted with family and a delicious lobster (sorry- lobstah) broil.  Madison is allergic and I don’t like shell fish (aren’t we a “catch”) but dad grilled him some sausage and corn on the cob.  I, was adventurous, and found out that I sort of like clams but prefer them in chowdah and also like mussels.  I shall explore this more in the future…

It’s great being home in New England!