August 3 – BlogHer 2012

Voices of the Year 2012

Today was my first time at BlogHer! It’s like no conference I’ve ever been to – the women (and men – yes there were a few!) were so friendly and supportive and I had a great time chatting with people from all over the country.  Our lunch keynote was none other than Martha Stewart! I’m a big fan of her Everyday Food series and I have to say, hearing her talk in person made me like her so much more.  She was honest and funny, and wasn’t afraid to show us a more personal side. Something she said that caught my attention: “Being an entrepreneur is the most exciting career.” I’d have to agree.

The best part of the day was listening to the bloggers who won Voices of the Year do a reading.  The stories were so wonderful – touching and humorous. I love stories, especially from talented writers.

Madison met me in NYC and we went to dinner at Basso 56, a great little Italian place just south of Central Park.  I ordered homemade spaghetti with a lamb ragu and tiramisu to top it off. I practically fell asleep with my face in my food, conferencing is tiring!


August 2 – BlogHer 2012 – J’arrive!

Walking toward Columbus Circle

Okkk I’m in NYC and ready to get my BlogHer on! I walked over to Whole Foods in Columbus Circle and picked up some dinner, sat down and blogged away!

On the train up here, the guy next to me talked my ear off.  Luckily I was able to work and half-listen at the same time.  He’s had such a sad life though, and it made me thankful to be so blessed.  He was a complete oversharer – I think he just needed to talk out this thoughts – but some of his stories reminded me of Brad Paisley’s song, He didn’t have to, that came on my Blake Shelton Pandora station today- very touching.

GABBY DOUGLAS JUST WON GOLD! She is so awesome! #TEAMUSA I’m going to end on this good note!






June 25 – Eataly in DC

Our Italy-inspired Spread


Before catching the train back to DC last night, Madison and I stopped by Eataly for dinner and some Italian treasures. =) I made a red sauce to accompany the homemade goat cheese and ricotta stuffed pasta – so light and delicious. We started off the meal right with prosciutto and melon and caprese salad. (You’re looking at some home-grown basil in my two-herb apartment garden!)

Next time we round up the Devine clan for a NYC trip, Italy will be a stop!


June 24 – The Bakehouse

Walking to brunch – a shot of the Freedom Tower construction

This morning the four of us walked to the West Village for brunch at The Bakehouse, managing to stay on the outskirts of NYC’s Gay Pride Parade.  It was a long walk, but we were rewarded handsomely with outstanding food. I ordered a fine herb and goat cheese omelet with a latte and a pain aux raisin to go and was full until dinner at 6! Best pastry I’ve had since France, and tasted very authentic.  Also, the barista poured a peacock into my latte – beautiful work!

We said goodbye to Sarah and Pete and headed uptown to visit the Calverts. It was a quick visit, but very nice seeing everyone.  We also stopped by to say hi to Marie – she was so full of happiness to see us, which of course, then made our day! Before we left she stood up to sing us a song – you can watch her perform here – I (with her permission) videotaped the special event:  She still has so much life in here, it is wonderful to see!

Thank you to Sarah and Pete for a lovely time and for being wonderful hosts! Thoughts and prayers go to the Calverts as they mourn the loss of Missy’s Uncle Billy, and Brian’s best friend, John.