June 25 – Eataly in DC

Our Italy-inspired Spread


Before catching the train back to DC last night, Madison and I stopped by Eataly for dinner and some Italian treasures. =) I made a red sauce to accompany the homemade goat cheese and ricotta stuffed pasta – so light and delicious. We started off the meal right with prosciutto and melon and caprese salad. (You’re looking at some home-grown basil in my two-herb apartment garden!)

Next time we round up the Devine clan for a NYC trip, Italy will be a stop!


June 21 – Find a tall New Yorker

Walking along Christopher Street

Rush hour pedestrian traffic in NYC – if you want to get anywhere you need to have serious skills. My advice – find a tall New Yorker and follow them. Don’t be creepy. But follow their steps.  I made it from 45th and 3rd to Christopher and Washington Street in an hour using this strategy. Also, it helps to wear sun glasses and look bored.  Then, people think you’re a local and will (sort of) stay of of your way/not bother you.

THIRD time in NYC this month. Whew! I’m excited to  spend a full week in DC, but that won’t happen for awhile. Took a late train to NYC last night and managed to find my hotel which so far is awesome.  I’m at PR News’ Taste of Tech conference today – they kept feeding us throughout the day to play up the “taste” element.  Even though I was quite full, I still managed to find room for dinner with Sezen at Malatesta in the West Village. You need to try this place – super chill, right by the Hudson (saw a beautiful sunset) and they make their own pasta. I had spinach gnocchi with Gorgonzola sauce and I would get it again.

Major event of the day: TWITTER WAS DOWN. I know, I know, I survived. But seriously… I couldn’t tweet that I couldn’t tweet.  What am I supposed to do in that situation? Luckily I was in a room full of other Twitter addicts and we were able to offer each other moral support.