June 21 – Find a tall New Yorker

Walking along Christopher Street

Rush hour pedestrian traffic in NYC – if you want to get anywhere you need to have serious skills. My advice – find a tall New Yorker and follow them. Don’t be creepy. But follow their steps.  I made it from 45th and 3rd to Christopher and Washington Street in an hour using this strategy. Also, it helps to wear sun glasses and look bored.  Then, people think you’re a local and will (sort of) stay of of your way/not bother you.

THIRD time in NYC this month. Whew! I’m excited to  spend a full week in DC, but that won’t happen for awhile. Took a late train to NYC last night and managed to find my hotel which so far is awesome.  I’m at PR News’ Taste of Tech conference today – they kept feeding us throughout the day to play up the “taste” element.  Even though I was quite full, I still managed to find room for dinner with Sezen at Malatesta in the West Village. You need to try this place – super chill, right by the Hudson (saw a beautiful sunset) and they make their own pasta. I had spinach gnocchi with Gorgonzola sauce and I would get it again.

Major event of the day: TWITTER WAS DOWN. I know, I know, I survived. But seriously… I couldn’t tweet that I couldn’t tweet.  What am I supposed to do in that situation? Luckily I was in a room full of other Twitter addicts and we were able to offer each other moral support.


June 6 – Caught in the Rain

Dark weather

Day 2 of BlogWorld – sun out during the day, storm at night.  Go figure! Lauren and I met up to catch a cab to dinner and what do you know, it starts down-pouring.  EVERY cab was taken! You would think two girls could catch a cab! Not so easy…

We met up with Nathan and went to Dos Caminos, a Mexican chain in NYC that has excellent margaritas and guacamole. We had a fun time chatting – Nathan just moved to NYC a month ago, so it was interesting to see how the transition went.  Nathan loves Dumbledore and Urbana and after chatting about them for a bit, it seemed appropriate to transition from Dos Caminos to a bar called Fat Black Pussy Cat.  We’re assuming it was some sort of brothel back in the day, but on the Wednesday night we were there, they just had karaoke. =)


June 4 – Big Apple with the Littles

Il pleut

Rachel, Gabriella and I hopped an an early bird train to Penn Station to explore for a day.  As a little present to Baby G for graduating, I suggested they come and stay at my hotel for the night, before my conference Tuesday morning. (Angela couldn’t come because of work – booo!) I stayed at The Carlton, on Madison and 69th – I loved it! It looked so Parisian – highly recommend this hotel. Unfortunately is rained almost the entire day and stayed in the 50’s/low 60’s. We didn’t care! We waltzed into Walgreens and bought umbrellas and toured the city.

Pizza was the first stop, and from there we hopped a bus to the museums. Well, seeing as it was Monday, they were all closed.  I realized this halfway there and listed all the museums I could think of, while Rachel quickly looked them up on her phone. Yup – all closed.  We hopped off at 59th and walked across the bottom of Central Park to 9th Ave where we hopped another bus (I was very proud of myself for navigating the city without Madison’s help) to Chelsea. We walked the High Line and while posing for a photo, heard “Victoria?” Looking to my left who do I see but Lauren and McCrea – so random!

For lunch we tackled Chelsea Market and 9th Street Espresso before walking down to Soho for some shopping. We met Madison and his brother Clay for dinner at Milon, an Indian restaurant with crazy lights strung everywhere.  I’d been before but wanted R and G to experience it – yummy food and very cheap (cash only, true NYC style).  Dessert you ask? Considering we were only a couple blocks from little Italy… we just had to stop at Veneiros for some cannoli and cheesecake. It was so much fun playing in the rain and exploring the city a day before the conference!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


March 17 – Kiss me I’m Irish!

Love the Bagpipes!


St. Patty’s Day in NYC is a big deal, and apparently this year’s parade was the biggest ever – there were a lot of high school and college bands, and men in kilts serenading an Irish heritage.  We watched the parade from in front of Mayor Bloomberg’s house ahem, mansion and drank Irish coffees that Missy made for us.  I was able to meet up with Angela downtown as well and say hello to her sorority sisters; they were all decked out in green and excited to be celebrating in the city.  Poll for my male readers: Would you wear a kilt for a day (in public) as a challenge?

I love being Irish!

Go mbeannaí Dia is Muire duit,