September 30 – Perks

Georgetown Crew

Discounted movie tickets are a nice perk.  I like the movies. Unfortunately, our perks expire at the end of the month, which is… today. So, after sleeping in (still zonked from my Cincy trip) we decided that even though it was beautiful out, we should use our tickets. There is literally nothing good in theaters right now, except for the movie we went to see: Perks of being a Wallflower. Emma Watson is in it, and I think she did a great job of shedding the Hermione role. I read this book back in junior high, and I remember being sad, but I couldn’t remember all the plot details. I heard it didn’t get very good reviews, but if it matters, I think you should watch this movie.  I cried. I don’t think it’s the kind of movie that I would watch twice since it is so sad, but it highlights such a sad social problem in our country. Bullying is just so awful, and watching this movie from the perspective of a high school “wallflower” is so moving, you just want to run back to high school and stand up for all those kids with no friends. I want to be friends with all of them!

Walking home from the movies, we detoured by the Georgetown Waterfront and found ourselves in the middle of a huge crew tournament.  There were hundreds of boats and fans and tents and skin-tight uniforms. The rest of our afternoon was football and catching up on work.

Just to use the word again – a great perk of living with Madison is he cooks dinner for you when you are stressed and working late on a Sunday night.  Awww.

Raising a glass to Charlie (movie reference),