January 27 – Weather is getting freaky!

View at 9am from my window... Wave to the wet commuters!


The weather was crazy today! Thunderstorms came out of nowhere, then beautiful sunshine and heat, an intense windstorm and a colder evening. I enjoyed my morning coffee, cozy and dry while watching the poor commuters sprint to work in the rain.  Can’t say I miss that! But seriously – high of 63 in January? Crazy.


December 19 – Zoo Lights

Christmas Lights at the National Zoo


Rachel was visiting today, so we went to the National Zoo to see the lights and animals with Madison and Emily.  It was such a beautiful night and although we didn’t really see any animals (except for a very cute sleeping gorilla) the walk together was perfect. If you have time this week you should definitely go check it out!

So nice having Rachel and Matt visit! Home tomorrow!


November 30 – No cat naps for me

Dumbledore opened one eye as if to say "REALLY? You are waking me up for a picture?"

I am a very tired girl so I am going to make this short and sweet.  Working from home definitely has its perks.  However, I now share an “office” with this guy. And he enjoys sleeping all day long on MY bed. I spent a good portion of my day envious of his napping habits. I worked a very long day but am happy to announce I was very productive (does this make up for the fact that you can see how poorly I made my bed this morning?).

Tomorrow I am attending the PR News Facebook Conference which I am very excited about!  Not only will I get to step out of the office but I will get to meet other people excited by social media and hopefully learn some new tricks.

Goodnight! I am kicking the furry guy off and reclaiming my territory.


November 22 – You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Is anyone surprised I own a purple umbrella?

Glad I’m heading home tomorrow, this is weather getting depressing! I love rainy days, but being cooped up inside working is not fun! I did brave the weather to meet Lauren at ChurchKey for happy hour. Although the prices weren’t exactly “happy,” the beer selection was great at ChurchKey and the vibe was perfect for what we were looking for.  I’d definitely go back, who’s in?

Off to finish packing! Also, now I have Rihanna stuck in my head. Ella ella, eh eh eh…