June 16 – Hipster Twister

Latte at Stumptown

Stumptown on 29th was a few blocks from the hotel I stayed at for BlogWorld and I didn’t get around to trying it. Madison and I drove over for a latte before a morning at the conference to make sure I didn’t miss out again. Such a good latte – they really have it down here.  I loved the Italian feel, drinking while standing at the bar, watching people walk past outside. I think this just may be my favorite coffee shop in NYC now… but 9th street espresso remains a close second!

In the afternoon we drove over the Brooklyn Bridge, headed to a pizza place that was unfortunately closed for lunch.  Bummer! Not to worry – there are a lot of pizza options in Brooklyn! We ended up at this little Italian restaurant – pepperoni pizza for me and sausage and peppers for Madison. Mmm! We walked around Carroll Gardens for a couple hours.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the homes there are so cute (most with yards alive with lot’s of color from all the gardens).

We were exhausted after that, and headed back to the upper west side. I took a nap I was so zonked – can’t remember the last time I napped! Madison’s parents took us out to a lovely dinner at Le Monde –  a great French restaurant on Broadway. I ordered the coq au vin, which was really rich and paired perfectly with the wine Madison picked out!


May 20 – Home Sweet Delicious Home

“Devine” Grilled Pizza


Spent the afternoon with Mom, catching her up on the V life, while she recovers.  It was great coming home and seeing the rest of the gang (sans R) – we all made a great team in the kitchen, banging out 6 pizzas! We made traditional (pepperoni and cheese), buffalo chicken, and a steak and cheese pizza with corn and sweet potato. Umm, yum! Love being home and with the family. =)


Here’s to a speedy recovery for Momma Bear!

April 19 – Graffiato

Oh hi there rose. (Graffiato was too dark to take pictures at.)

The weather is back to beautiful sunshine! I had a very productive day, while taking time to meet Allison for lunch in Dupont Circle. After work I headed over to Iron Horse to meet some Cadmites for a drink.  In true Cadmus-style, most everyone showed up over an hour-late, by which time I was happily seated at Graffiato with the MRC for a delicious dinner. Graffiato is Mike Isabella’s restaurant in Chinatown – literally right next door to where Madison lived when I first met him.  I remember there being a fenced-in construction site then, and now, one of the best DC restaurants occupies the space.

We took some seats at the bar, right in front of the wood fire. We love watching the cooks do their job, and we were able to see our pizza rise in the oven. The food was great – fresh mozzarella, garlic soup, and a prosciutto and fontina cheese pizza with a runny egg, broken on top. The best part though, was definitely dessert – chocolate cake with salted caramel gelato. Umm, yum!



April 14 – Another beautiful spring day

Tulips by Georgetown University


What a great day! Madison and I woke up early and went to play tennis.  We were VERY rusty, but it was a lot of fun, so we’re going to try to make an effort to play more.

We just made some of our famous pizza and are waiting for Mama D and Baby G to arrive. Props to dad and Bridge Tech for raising $1000 and collecting over THREE TONS of E-Waste at their drive today! Loving the green family spirit!