February 2 – Dumbledore saw his shadow: #6moreweeksofWinter

Can you spot the cat?


Today I went to grab some shoes (plenty to choose from as you can see from my, ahem, organized closet) and almost fell over in fear when I saw two glowing eyes staring back at me.  Cats love dark and tight spaces, but I think I’d rather pretend that Dumbles loves shoes as much as I do.

Somehow the groundhog saw his shadow in a reportedly cloudy Pennsylvania today so we have six more weeks of winter.  (Seriously, who came up with this tradition- can’t we all just watch Caddyshack to laugh at the gopher on Feb 2 instead of linking ground-dwelling animals to something as serious as how much longer I need to wear a down coat? Luckily, (and in case any one was wondering) six more weeks of 50-60 degree weather is fine by me. Thanks Climate Change!


December 31 – Au Revoir 2011

I wouldn't say I'm a big shoe person (save for boots) but these are LOVE.


I was determined to get better so I could wear my new shoes in NYC (and see Madison)!

These shoes came from LA and traveled through DC and RI to get to the New Year’s Eve party last night.  We had a lot of fun – we went to a house party on the upper east side and caught up with a bunch of friends. Glad I’m feeling better to ring in the new year!