August 6 – Hogwarts Dreamin’

My class at Georgetown is finally in one of the beautiful buildings that TOTALLY looks like Hogwarts. What, a girl can dream!

So as Mondays normally go, Anchor Media’s office was bustling! HW and projects and following up with new BlogHer contacts… several coffees were consumed.  I think we need a sponsorship.  An Olympic Social Media Sponsorship, and every tweet we send will have another one following it saying, “Anchor Media, powered by ________ Coffee.” I need to get my sales team on that one…

Next rainy day: who’s up for candy, Doritos, and a Harry Potter marathon? I need more Ron Weasley in my life!


July 12 – Green Pig Bistro

Chocolate covered doughnut with peanut butter ice cream

After work I met up with Katrina and Kim, friends from class. I’d never been to this bistro before – it’s in Clarendon, and I feel funny sharing a photo of the dessert when it is clearly a carnivore’s hotspot but it was the best part of the meal.

DON”T go here for drinks (although their beer list looks nice) – none of our drinks were good. I had fried pimento cheese balls as an app and they were cheesy and moist (no dinner – Madison was making me a grilled peach and endive salad at home).  BUT, I did share dessert and it was a very good decision.  Hot chocolate cake – amazing and reminded me of Paris.  The other dessert was the doughnut pictured above, which was good but I thought a little over the top.  I don’t think I’d combine ice cream and doughnuts again, but it was an interesting exprience.

So glad we finally got together – our schedules (**my schedule) have been tricky this summer!


June 22 – Thunder’s Just the Noise

Walking through Times Square on 45th street on our way to dinner

Today during the conference, our crisis communications workshop was set to an impressive Mother Nature soundtrack.  The torrential afternoon rainstorm boomed with thunder, adding an edge to the constructed stressful hypothetical we were given to solve (someone hacked our clients’ database of credit card info). With some PR know-how and social savvy, we were reminded that thunder’s just the noise and our team (the wonderful ladies sitting at my table) were able to solve the pretend crisis in front of us- boom!

I love summer storms – the energy and the smell of the rain on the pavement afterward make me smile. Madison met me in NYC after my conference was over and we headed over to Justin Timberlake’s restaurant, Southern Hospitality, for dinner.  While it is a cozy and well-decorated BBQ joint, we were not impressed and on a score of 1-10, rate it a “meh.”

Early to bed, early to rise!


June 7 – BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2012

Blog World Schedule

So my life for the past 3 days has consisted of Blog World.  Three days of social and blogging – “very V.” Instead of writing up a takeaway I thought I’d just share my tweets from the conference through Storify, a way to group social posts together – check it out.