October 3 – Teddy for the Win!

Teddy won the President’s Race!

When I woke up this morning I had no idea of the events that were to unfold.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a day for the history books! I just so happened to be at the last Nationals regular season game (big thank you to Lori and Chris!) and was honored to be a spectator as Teddy BEAT George, Thomas, and Abe for the first time ever in the Presidents Race.  Teddy had a losing streak of over 500 games, and people in DC (Obama, McCain, Devine) were starting to talk about WHEN Mr. Rough Rider would ever win.

It was so nice to see Lori in DC! Love having visitors. Dude.  I need to comment on the weather.  We’re back to HUMID and hot, which means more mosquitoes.  My legs were destroyed today! I forgot the tape trick until it was too late.  My right ankle looks like it doubled in size since yesterday. Little buggers! Rooting for fall weather again…


PS: Nats also won.