July 22 – Girl look at that body. I work out.

Tidal Basin


(Shameless LMFAO reference.) So – this Sunday started out like any other – coffee and the news. Then, Madison and I hit the courts and played one of our best games of tennis ever. Feeling good an energized, we picked up Sweet Green and Souper Girl for lunch.

I sat down on the couch after, and began writing some website copy for Anchor Media until I realized the sun was out. There was no way we could stay inside when it looked that  beautiful outside. So, we hopped on the bikes and rode around the Mall for a couple hours. I captured some great shots, and have a few cute ones of the two of us as well.

We’re now back on the couch – exhausted from all our activity and healthy eating (frittata and salad for dinner too) and getting ready for TrueBlood.


PS – It was the first frittata I ever made by myself, and I used my new pan that I bought during my consumerism excursion last weekend.

June 30 – Wimbledon Tennis, DC style

Clearing the court before we could play


This morning there were branches and tree limbs down everywhere! What a storm! It cooled off a few degrees overnight (aka it wasn’t 100 degrees) so we headed down to our favorite courts to play some tennis.  What a mess! Madison got a good workout in before we even started playing from lifting large branches off the court.  We had a lot of fun, but definitely need some lessons. =)  I will admit that Madison beat me, so he gets the Middle Saturday win, but it was close!  We’re bringing our rackets up to RI, who’s up for a challenge this week?  Any takers?

Happy Social Media  Day! Headed to Barcode soon to celebrate with other Social DCers!


April 14 – Another beautiful spring day

Tulips by Georgetown University


What a great day! Madison and I woke up early and went to play tennis.  We were VERY rusty, but it was a lot of fun, so we’re going to try to make an effort to play more.

We just made some of our famous pizza and are waiting for Mama D and Baby G to arrive. Props to dad and Bridge Tech for raising $1000 and collecting over THREE TONS of E-Waste at their drive today! Loving the green family spirit!