March 10 – Paris photos Paris food

Already in full bloom.

I am loving the flowers already!  I saw this flowering tree in Dupont when I was walking to meet Emily at the Philips Collection- it looks so delicate!  We saw the exhibit “Snapshot: Painters and Photography, Bonnard to Vuillard.”  I loved the work by Pierre Bonnard, especially the photos of the Eiffel Tower under construction.  Thanks to Emily for getting me in with her family pass!  We were cousins for the day. =)

After all that art viewing we were famished and made the two block trek up to Bistro du Coin for some onion soup.  What a great way to start my Saturday!

Also, because I’ve been telling EVERYONE I talk to, here is this week’s weather forecast: Sunday: high of 66, Monday: high of 70, Tuesday: high of 78, Wednesday: high of 75, Thursday: high of 77, Friday: high of 70, and Saturday: high of 66. WHAT IS GOING ON? This is March.  I absolutely refuse to do another DC summer without a pool if it is already 77 degrees in March.  What is August going to be like? Geez…


January 21 – A Snowy Day in the District

My neighborhood with a morning dusting of snow


IT’S ABOUT TIME! Oh hello winter, glad you finally realized it’s your season! I don’t like the cold, but if the temperature is going to force me to bundle up, then I want snow! I love waking up to a winter wonderland.  Last night I woke up around 3 am to get a glass of water and it had already snowed.  Everything was quiet, and it looked so peaceful outside.

Forecast says rain for the rest of the day, but I’ll take what we got! And here’s to hoping for more snow days!


January 12 – My new espresso machine!

Hello Mornings!


I love cooking, but I don’t have much counter space in my apartment.  You better believe I did not mind one bit taking up precious cooking space to house my new espresso machine.  It looks beautiful! I made a very delicious chai this afternoon ( it was past 3pm and therefore too late for me to have espresso), and I am very excited to make my very own latte tomorrow.  I think it will be a VERY good morning!


Good night!


January 8 – Simba, remember who you are

Simba, the oldest Devine pet


Simba has been through a lot.  She was abandoned by her mom in a bush as a kitten, found, given to four little girls who dressed her up in tutus, moved to Virginia, escaped, wandered the mean streets of Midlothian for two weeks, came back,  forced to live with a dog, moved back to Rhode Island, her favorite people left her when they went to college, her sister Nala died, and a new puppy was introduced into the home. Despite all this she has persevered, sleeping all day on her couch in the living room, dreaming her last years away.

I named Simba (and Nala) when Dad brought them home after a Saturady soccer game.  When I was little I only wanted two things: a kitty and to play the piano.  Naturally, Rachel then wanted the same things. We were so excited when we saw two little black balls of fluff with white tummies and paws. (Piano was a different story and once we realized it was work… well, let’s just say I can only play the Titanic and Phantom of the Opera now.) I claimed Simba right away and for almost 48 hours she was “my cat” and Nala was Rachel’s. Then, Rachel and I had them on the brown chair that we were for some unexplained reason jumping up and down.  Well, Rachel landed on Simba and since she was “ruined” from that moment on, Nala was my cat and Simba was Rachel’s.

Also, just to clear up any confusion, Nala and Simba were sisters… yes, I named a girl Simba because I was obsessed with the Lion King and couldn’t come up with any other names. Simba now roams the house, and watches us from behind the gates we put up to protect her and the house from Looney Luna. If Simba could hear, feel, or see, she and Luna might have been friends but she is too fragile now for play dates (she is 17 years old!). At her age she is still adorable, just look at her beautiful tuxedo markings.  I wanted to post this to congratulate Simba as the oldest surviving Devine pet – Simba, remember who you are!