June 22 – Thunder’s Just the Noise

Walking through Times Square on 45th street on our way to dinner

Today during the conference, our crisis communications workshop was set to an impressive Mother Nature soundtrack.  The torrential afternoon rainstorm boomed with thunder, adding an edge to the constructed stressful hypothetical we were given to solve (someone hacked our clients’ database of credit card info). With some PR know-how and social savvy, we were reminded that thunder’s just the noise and our team (the wonderful ladies sitting at my table) were able to solve the pretend crisis in front of us- boom!

I love summer storms – the energy and the smell of the rain on the pavement afterward make me smile. Madison met me in NYC after my conference was over and we headed over to Justin Timberlake’s restaurant, Southern Hospitality, for dinner.  While it is a cozy and well-decorated BBQ joint, we were not impressed and on a score of 1-10, rate it a “meh.”

Early to bed, early to rise!