July 8 – The traveling black cats

Lesson learned: Cats don’t like change


Since we were traveling for a week we decided to take the cats up to lil Rhody and not worry about finding someone to feed them for us.  Oh my goodness, the upset! A new crate, a car, a new house, a dog, the car again – too much for two little cats. They are very happy to be home again, but how cute are they exploring the car?  I wish I could see peoples’ faces when they drove past and realized it wasn’t a dog, but a cat lounging in the back of the car and enjoying the view.

We woke up at 5 am again and made great time – we were back in DC by 12.  It was great saving time, but then we were faced with the rest of the day in DC heat.  We decided to get some groceries while we had the car and then organized the apt in the AC.  It was sort of an impromptu Spring cleaning (the Spring cleaning we never had…) and I must say our apartment looks great! Madison also whipped up a yummy salmon dinner from Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill cookbook, mmm!

Bed time, I am so completely exhausted!

-Sleepy V

January 2 -Resolutions

Devine Resolutions

One of mom’s Christmas presents this year was a chalk board to keep us organized, made of slate recycled from an old classroom. Last night we all wrote down our new year resolutions for 2012, and as you can see from my photo of the day, we have some good ones! I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about my own resolutions (for those following me on Twitter you already had a preview).

1. Bike more.  My purple bike has been in DC for 2 years now and it’s only been out about ten times.  Biking is GREEN, free, fast, and another way to exercise. Win win!

2. Learn more about wine. I love learning (and sampling) new wines and I would like to visit more vineyards this year to expand my knowledge of the wine making process.  This should come in handy for opening a coffee wine bar.

3. Cook more international foods. I love cooking and I love traveling, so making meals inspired by places I’ve been and places I want to visit makes sense. In 2011 I traveled to so many places: New York City, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Chicago, Martha’s Vineyard, Atlanta, London, Cambridge, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Venice, Florence, Rome, Pompeii, Naples, Milan, Lyon, Paris, and Los Angeles. I am hoping to have the opportunity to travel a lot this year as well, but if somehow I don’t have time for a 3 week Eurotrip, I can at least explore through food. =)

4. Start a business. This could go two different ways, but I don’t want to say too much here.  Just know that 2012 is going to be entrepreneurial.

Here’s to new goals in 2012!


November 12 – Paris, je t’aime

View of the tower from Champ de Mars

Today I woke up early to have as many hours in Paris as possible.  We bought tickets through our hotel for the Musee d’Orsay so we sailed right to the front of the line and were able to see all the Monets and Renoirs my heart desired before noon.  For lunch we stopped at a boulangerie in the 6th and had our favorite sandwiches, ham, cheese and butter on a baguette for me and hotdog and cheese on a baguette for Madison.  We ate them on the bridge right next to the museum, and while sitting there, noticed a lot of locks on the railings of the bridge.  When looking closer, it was full of locks with people’s initials on them and the year they visited Paris.  We bought one, and in purple permanent marker wrote “Victoria ♥ Madison” on one side and “2011” on the other. We are hoping to find it when we come back to Paris (and we WILL be coming back).

After lunch, we wandered around north of Place de la Concorde, an area I somehow managed to leave unexplored even after studying in Paris for 5 months.  It is a very ritzy area, full of huge courtyards and fancy exteriors. It was a warm and sunny day and we spent most of our time outside.  When we were tired we sat on a bench for an hour watching people go by, and then bought some wine and sat on the Champ de Mars where we admired the Eiffel Tower, surrounded by dozens of other couples.  We also snacked on the most delicious tart citron made at a patisserie on AUP’s campus.  Our train to London leaves at 9:15pm tonight so we had an early dinner also on campus at a brasserie (pretty decent onion soup) and made it back to the hotel to get our luggage before heading over to Gare Nord.

It is hard to believe I will be sleeping in London tonight while blogging from my Paris hotel lobby, but that’s the pace we’ve been going at on this trip!  We are literally exhausted – someone should take a picture of us right now, surrounded by all our bags.  I am happy to go back to the states tomorrow and sleep in my own bed, I think after all of this nonstop traveling we are ready to relax (aka not walk around for 8 + hours a day).  I hope I have the opportunity to come back to this side of the pond soon, we’ve had a great time!



Our lock waits for us in Paris!