Andddd we’re back.


Photo taken during trip up the CA coast. Very high up. Lots of curves. Lots of nerves.

Welcome back to the V Life everyone! It’s been 87 days since my birthday and therefore my last post and I need you all to believe me that my honest intention was to blog weekly after my daily challenge was completed.  However, “Life” (the V Life to be specific) happened and I found myself with no time to write.

Let’s catch up shall we? Since my last post on Oct 22, I:

v  Celebrated 4 years with the marvelous Mr. Madison Calvert.  You read that correctly, and I can’t believe it’s been 4 years either! This guy must like me or something….

v  I was Bon Qui Qui for Halloween. Do NOT get Loud with me.

v  Went on a fantastic West Coast Tour of our country for 10 days when Madison left LivingSocial to work for new Brand Analytics (Chicago will have to wait a little longer).  We drove from San Diego to Vancouver, well we flew from San Fran to Portland, but still – that’s a long drive! I, even amidst the beauty and that gorgeous Pacific Ocean, now firmly can say I am an East Coast girl. Sorry but it’s true. We got to see some friends and an aunt along the way, and it quelled my travel itch after Mom and Dad went to Italy for three weeks!

v  Got sick immediately after the trip due to a cold when I got the flu shot, landing me with the biggest swollen glands I’ve ever had, a finger infection, and gums so swore I couldn’t eat.  TMI? Nah. I recovered.

v  Went home for Thanksgiving and Mom and Dad nursed their biggest baby back to health.  There is nothing better than having your parents take care of you when you’re sick, even when you’re 25 years old.

v  The next week, I attended a ceremony during which of PR News honored me as “someone to watch in PR that’s under 30.” Or something like that. I was SO SURPRISED to have not only Auntie Kelly accompany Uncle Steve to the event, but Mom and Dad flew down too, posing as my servers at Founding Farmers to catch me off guard.  I had a great time hanging in DC with the 4 of them and celebrating this unexpected but awesome award.

v  December was a blur. Christmas shopping, holiday social media campaigns, holiday parties, Les Miserables, family photos, Christmas, after Christmas shopping…

v  I was able to spend a good 3 weeks at home around Christmas which was so great just hanging out with the family in sweats all day, chillin’ by the fire. For NYE, Madison and I went out in NYC and spent a lot of money, but we had a lot of fun and I wore my gold sparkly shoes which was obviously amazing.

v  This year, my new year’s resolutions are simple: more yoga (meaning more than no yoga), volunteer more, and bring back the V Life. Voila! Already making progress!

Well, that’s about it! I’ll try to post a little more frequently than once every 4 months.


Oh, PS: I am also “THE” Twitter Butler now.  See for yourself hereHereHereHereHere.  HereHereHereHere.  And here.

Here are some more photos since I’m no longer doing a “photo a day” blog:


San Fran Chillin


Madison and his “fav” quarterback!

Didn't take this one, but it was too cute to not include it.

Didn’t take this one, but it was too cute to not include it.




September 16 – The Catered Life

Banned Books display at the library

Today was a catch up day on the V Life – I updated my expenses, organized my work and personal folders, wrote my to-do list for the week, planned my birthday weekend, and literally, caught up on the V Life. Phew!

Lucky for me, I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner cooked for me. Thanks Mdog!

The photo above was actually taken yesterday when I stopped by the West End library.  They had a display showing books that had been banned over the years.  I am proud to have read pretty much about 75% of them. Which ones have you read?


PS: Whoever suggested banning Harry Potter deserves to have a Bogart chase them around for the rest of their life.