April 3 – Free Cone Day!!

So sweet


Spotted this little flowering tree my on my way to Georgetown with Allison after work!  It was Ben and Jerry’s free cone day, and walking for free ice cream is something we made into a tradition while roommates at GW. Ahh, memories.

Guess which flavor I chose. =)


March 29 – Beautiful Blossoms

I'm happy the cold nights haven't killed our flowers, these guys are hangin' in there!

Last night, Madison and I walked all the way up Mass Ave to Wisconson Ave.  After an hour of uphill walking we made it to Cactus Cantina, the sister restaurant to Lauriel Plaza.  When  I say sister, I really mean twin: same margs, same fajitas.  The clientele was different though- more families, and there were a lot of kids sitting at dinner playing with iPads. Our margaritas were well deserved after such a long hike to dinner.

On our walk we saw these pretty little white flowering trees and of course I whipped out my camera.  Sorry I’ve been neglecting the V Life this week… I’ve been making strong moves (shout out to LivingSocial) and all of a sudden I realized it was Thursday.


January 10 – Full Moon

Moon over N Street


I took this photo when walking home from my class at Georgetown University.  Everything was quiet, and it was a pleasant walk – not too cold, and with the moon shining overhead. =) My class is from 6:30 until 9:30pm and when I got home I had more work to do which is why I’m blogging late again. Lot’s of exciting developments going on!