August 18 – Reflecting Pool Reflections

The construction is almost complete!

After I graduated, renovations on the Reflection Pool began – much needed renovation.  When you walked along it before, all you could think about was the awful smell coming from the stagnant water.  I walked along the Mall today since it was so nice out, and I was surprised to see how far along they were – it looks like it’s almost done! There’s an article by the Post if you want to learn more.  The project cost about 34 million!

GW also has a bunch of construction going on, it’s so weird walking around campus and seeing all the changes. A new Science and Engineering Building is  the biggest project they’re working on, which sounds like GW is positioning themselves as more tech-focused.  Very interesting… but if that’s true, I think it’s a strong move!

One more thing – why do fountains attract crazy people? I swear Dupont Circle attracts all the crazies…