July 23 – Monday Funday

Circa 1933

Alright, alright.  This photo wasn’t taken today.  It’s from our epic bike ride yesterday, and I just had to post, because Madison has NEVER been to the FDR Memorial.  I don’t even know how this is possible – I have been at least 10 times- but I guess I’ll forgive him seeing as I’ve never been up the Washington Monument and won’t get to until at least 2014.  THANKS a lot, earthquake!

As far as Mondays go, this one was out to get me from the beginning and ended with me in bed and a pounding headache. I woke up early, finished multiple projects requiring lot’s of concentration, biked to get my camera fixed at Ritz, finished more projects, and packed for LA and Phoenix.  Even Lauriol didn’t make me feel better, which is a first.

While running a business sometimes involves days like this, it’s all about balance. Today I worked extra hard, so next Monday I can explore Arizona!



PS: This post was deleted by WordPress after I typed it all out so I had to re-do it. #AngryV

PPS: It’s National Hot Dog Day. Just thought you’d like to know.

July 16 – #Techie

Does this photo scare you? It should! >> No wireless!


So not only did I start learning more advanced WordPress and website tricks (Sort of! Thanks to Enchant’s Paul and Patrick) but I also fixed the wireless in the apartment! Okay okay – Madison helped. FINE – Madison fixed it but I offered moral support!

I even unplugged everything and then figured out where they belonged and what connected to what.  #TotalTechie We had to figure it out since Comcast was ZERO help – they did offer us a sweet deal though – we could pay them extra money for “insurance” on the service we were already paying for. #sorrywearentstupid #sarcasm #hashtagsinablog

I’m just happy we’re “connected” again and I can work from anywhere in my apartment.  (Thank you Mdog.)